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Tags... again

Just wondering why I have starting and end tags in every segment where in MemoQ and Studio there a none.

Tags settings are: Automatic transfer of remaining tags / Merge adjacent tags.

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- To hide starting and ending tags for the current segment, make sure you have the option Action > Tags > Hide segment boundary tags enabled.

- Also bear in mind that if you create Notes (Comments) on SDL Trados files/packages, they get starting and ending tags related to the Notes feature, this is normal. Do not delete these unless you want to remove the corresponding Note. When you delete the Note (Note edit > Delete button, for all notes, just use Task > Remove notes), these segment tags disappear (otherwise, you may need to delete themĀ  manually along with the Note content).

MemoQ files don't get the tags related to the Notes/Comments feature, but then again the action Task > Remove notes does nothing, you need to delete these individually.

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