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Term consistency in QA check

Since project glossaries are usually set to High priority, which means that their term consistency is of the utmost importance within a specific project, I think it would be particularly useful if the possibility to select which glossary to check against during a QA session were offered? 

What do you think?

Continued: now CT displays the QA hits of all glossaries along with the indication of which one has been checked against, but in my opinion having to go through all hits is too dispersive and time-consuming, hence the ability to select only one glossary at the time—for instance the project glossary.

Would it make sense to other CT users too?

You can exclude glossaries from QA via their context menu. If would be nice if there was a field for this in the glossary definition. Or, as suggested, limit the QA to high-priority glossaries only.

Ah, now I understand what "Term consistency check" means actually! OK, now I know that an option exists, although I believe that grouping all QA options under the same menu to activate each time would be better and more intuitive.

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