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How to convert a string to a tag?

How can I convert this string (between '<' and '>' to a tag?


Thank you!

It looks like it’s indeed possible to convert strings like these to tags. A nice feature would be: select the string, open the Find dialogue box, replace the variable part with a regex (like \d+), select Convert to tag, reload the project.

Use an editor to find and replace the string to mask:


Reload the post-processed XLIFF in CafeTran Espresso 2018:


Note that the original page number is visible in the project segments pane.

Igor, can we please get a feature to allow us to do useful masking operations like these?

After finishing the project, you'll have to use the external editor again, to convert the x id's to the original strings.

Probably it's a better idea to define the replacement string as <x id="XRef" equiv-text="\2">, to make it clear, which kind of transformation has taken place.

Perhaps it's a good idea to add a field to the project configuration dialogue box to define these kinds of masking transformations, that will take place during import.

It’s better to make this conversion independentl from import, in order to use it in third-party xliff too.
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