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Sorry for the boring question but I couldn't find reliable information anywhere: as of September 2018, what's the least laborious way to translate Illustrator files with CafeTran Espresso?

Many thanks

Hello Mario,

I thought I had included this information in my File Formats reference document, but I see this is not the case. I will add this in the next update.

For now, unless you wish to use a round trip solution (for example, I think you can achieve this via SDL Trados with the use of some apps in the appstore, since out of the box, Trados does not support .AI files), I think your best bet would be to take the SVG route.

Illustrator can import from and export to the SVG file format.


SVG support in CafeTran Espresso was suggested here:

It is now fully implemented.

One of the compelling reasons for adding SVG support was precisely to support Illustrator files.

Additionally, here's a link to two MemoQ articles that provide some more information on the SVG method, that you can apply to CafeTran:

Also, two Inkscape related articles, if you choose to use this software (and do not have access to Adobe Illustrator):

Hope it helps,


Note: I haven't had a chance to translate .AI files in a production scenario, only in testing. Please report back since the information could be helpful for others as well.

Many thanks Jean! Actually, I saw your post on SVG files and this morning I was about to donwnload the trial version of Illustrator in order to manage the import/export operations myself. But, the client just called me saying that he prefers to provide me with a simple word file where he will copy-paste everything manually, because due to some space-formatting issues between Japanese and Italian the brochure layout will have to change considerably.

I will ask him to provide me with the original Illustrator file though, so that as soon as I have some time I will experiment a little bit for future occasions.

Thank you anyway for your help!

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