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Special characters map

For the first time since I use CT, I just noticed that it doesn't have a special character map. Of course we could recall the standard OS's, but that usually implies too many clicks. 

Last week I was using a different CAT tool, which character map however is the best among all I used so far: just open it and click on the desired character and it gets straight to the cursor place. Only two clicks. 

Wouldn't a similar feature be appreciated by CT users?

Nice piece of software, but pity it's only for Mac. Meanwhile I searched on the Internet and found similar apps (not as polished as yours) which however are very similar to the standard Windows Character Map (still too many clicks).

Request seconded.

If I’m not mistaken, a Windows version exists

This is Windows. Mac users might be delighted by having more special characters at their fingertips – see here – but sometimes you need such a map to select a very special or a similar character.

With popchar you can also draw your characters to identify them :)
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