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I lost the Matchboard

I 've finally settled down with a combination of Layout 6 and floating windows (dictionaries and Frid), which I have been using for a while with all projects.

Now, when a while ago I tried to experiment with other types of layout (the one for proofreading/editing for instance) and then wanted to revert back to my usually layout, the Matchboard was nowhere to be seen. Instead, the Statistics window appeared, which I don'r care for. 

How can I recover the beautiful Matchboard?


To be more precise, for a fraction of a second I can see the Matchboard tab when CT opens, but then it disappears. It's not grouped with other tabs either, not it's hidden under other windows.

Probably, the Matchboard has been resized to the far right border of the main window.  Resize tha main CTE window to see if it reappears . If it doesn't help, try switching the layouts back and forth, returning to your favorite Layout 6.

You were right, thank you. It got attached vertically to the main window. But, this problem occurred after returning to Layout 6 and now the Statistics tab keeps appearing all the times I reopen CT. Do you have a fast cure for this?

Sure, uncheck Project > Statistics > Automatic update of project statistics.

Thanks again, I think I'll leave it alone since it doesn't hurt after all.

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