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Customizing the Dashboard

Are we simple users allowed to customize the dashboard, mainly colors? I could only change the frame color so far, but if possible I would like to change the whole color set. 

If you mean the colors of the Dashboard - the first screen with recent projects and resources after launching, you can change its theme from bright to dark. Just click on the dark options menu at the top and select/deselect the Coffeehouse theme there. 

Well, my idea was to change the Dashboard aspect completely... But I am afraid there is no facility provided for that. It was just a wish, but not so important after all. I like CT aspect when I translate, but the Dashboard...

The colors of the dashboard are in both themes a rather personal taste (an audacious mix of the 1970s and the 1990's first internet pages), but not mine. Perhaps the dashboard colors could be adjusted by the selected theme inside CT.

Refreshing the Dashboard as the first screen that interested translators will see of CafeTran seems like a good idea. Prospects report that they prefer/expect a more business-like look.

BTW: Same for the not general, but often repeated attitude "feature X only for CT projects". For some users rebellious and nice, for other users and prospects stubborn and hardly or not acceptable.

> feature X only for CT projects and "rebellious".

It reminds me of SpaceX and Tesla - its features don't work in other cars. ;-)

... and speaking of Tesla, CafeTran has just "borrowed" the Autopilot function.

By the way, what's the use of the userstyle.css file in the cafetran/style folder? If it's for the dashboard, does it take precedence over the default style? What other parameters can be changed besides the three ones already included in that file?

Self-answer: No, it seems that the userstyle.css file has no effect on the dashboard.

Small Dashboard analysis:


  • sober colors with the last updates (yeah!), but no typical Mac style yet available
  • only one column per section
  • scrolling necessary, resources are hidden (depending on number of glossaries, but a problem with many glossaries)
  • items in "Other resources and services" cannot be renamed, but have lengthy names (KISS may be better)
I understand that it might be difficult to handle different sizes and resolutions in different OSs (I have a Windows notebook with a much lower res.), but maybe there is room for improvement. I also noted that sometimes the horizontal borders of the sections sometimes go upwards after a restart.

You can change some colours in the Dashboard:


Replace the images texture.jpg and texture2.jpg in the folder /Applications/ inside the with new images, sized 132 x 119 pixels (see attached examples).

(3.03 KB)
(1.56 KB)


And why don't you make it orange?

Ha! You know my favourite colour combination! (Orange and blue.) Wait a moment.



Or any other colour combination you prefer ;)

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