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Problems with tags

I have the following problem:

FR: Des solutions professionelles

There is a tag before "professionnelles" and it stands for "characters in blue" for this word at the end of the sentence.

DE: Professionelle Lösungen

If I put the tag before "Professionelle" at the beginning of the sentence both words appear in blue which is not what I want.

How do I deactivate the tag for "Lösungen"?

I have several occurrences of this problem throughout my file.



 Activate the menu option in Action > Tags > Automatic transfer of the remaining tags. And then just do nothing with the formatting tags if you don't need them in the target segment.

If you need to control the formatting tags at the beginning or end of the segment better, deactivate "Hide segment boundary tags" in the Action > Tags menu for such segments. Then adjust them accordingly in the target segment. 

Thanks Igor,

I did as instructed (activated Automatic transfer....) but now I get

(Beginning tag)Professionelle Lösungen both in blue.

If I set the tag after "Professionelle" I get "Lösungen" in blue.

There seems to be no way to have "Professionelle" in blue unless I change the German syntax...

Try joining this segment with the next one, and then move back (the joining) tag in the target segment after the Professionelle. 

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