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Termbases imported from SDL package


I recently realized with great pleasure that CT now imports termbases from SDL packages.

Another improvement would be to display, for each glossary entry, the filename of the original termbase, since when CT finds more than one termbase it puts all the terms together in a single file and there is no way to know where the terms come from.

(An even better improvement would be to import termbases separately, so that we can specify different priority level for each glossary.)



Problem here: The imported SDL termbase contained both FR-FR and FR-CA terms. CT imported the FR-FR terms, although I was translating to FR-CA.

Are you aware of the possibility to manually import the termbases from the unpacked Studio folder structure? After converting them to tmx, add a property for the origin. Or convert to tab-del and add an extra column for the origin.

@Are you aware of the possibility to manually import the termbases

Yes, that's what I do normally... But since Igor recently implemented an automatic import function, I'm asking for some improvements.

I meant via the Memory menu. This feature is only a couple of days old, so what do you mean by ‘normally’?

@I meant via the Memory menu.

Oh! Didn't see that :-)

I "normally" import them with the good old

Thank you for the tip, I will try it with my next project!


Same problem with the sdltb termbase imported from the menu: the FR-FR target terms are imported instead of the FR-CA ones...

One more problem with the last update: Quite often I cannot close a TM or glossary tab anymore. (Selecting "Close Tab" has no effect.)

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> One more problem with the last update...

Yes, I can confirm it after dragging and dropping a tab to change its position.  Fixed for the next update. Thanks! 

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