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Question on Total Recall

I think I already asked something similar in the past, but I still have a doubt:

If Total Recall is selected in the Dashboard, does it mean that segments are sent automatically to the Total Recall database whenever they are sent to the selected translation memory, or they should be sent manually through the Total Recall menu after translation?

I've just done a very short JP-IT translation, of which only a few segments I sent to the selected translation memory (which by the way is very small, only some 50 kb), but when I sent manually this translation memory to the Total Recall database, which is currently less than 2 MB, it took about three minutes. Is this as it should be?


The best way to transfer TM segments to Total Recall is via the Memory > Store Memory in Total Recall.. or by selecting the same command after the right-click at the corresponding TM pane. Ideally, you should transfer the ProjectTM segments after the final export, when the project is completed. It may take a while as the indexing takes place during the transfer. 

Then I think I should forget Total Recall when translating from Japanese, because CT ends up indexing all source characters as single entities, which makes no sense besides taking too long.

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