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REQ: Remembering settings

Just one fairly simple question:

Why doesn't CafeTran remember the language and TM settings of any of the files and projects inside the dropdown list on the dashboard. Let's assume you do project A with the language combination EN-PL and the TM XY. Then you need to switch to / open another, very small project B with the language combination FR-PL and the TM YZ. You have generic templates for EN-PL and FR-PL projects, but not for the clients in projects A and B.

There remains a lot of clicks and a-dos before you can switch between the projects. Wouldn't it be much more simple (and an reasonably expected behavior) to make CT remember these settings?

I support "tre" in this request. I hope to see a more robust setting handling in a future build or version, even for CT native projects.

The fact is, every time need to set up a new project, even from templates, I end up wasting some time initially to adjust layout and resources. Not to mention when I want to reuse older projects.



The question to remember settings for external file formats (sdlxliff, mqxliff etc.) would be a simple point to work with a kind of ini or conf file to store these settings. Most other tools do this. And it is not a good practice to store them inside the xlf. from several points of view.

And even with CT projects, it does not work. Any resource clicked by mistake (not to forget that not all resources are visible on the dashboard, just another glitch ...) will be activated. The behaviour to expect is that any other resources not in the project are discarded.

CafeTran remembers all the resources (TMs, glossaries and web resources) associated with its native CafeTran projects. For project files created in other CAT tools, you simply need to set the resources in the Dashboard or use the project template before opening a non-CafeTran project. If CafeTran stored its resource settings inside the files created in other CATs, then your clients would not be able to open them in those CATs. CafeTran's solution to check/pick the resources in the Dashboard is simple and doing it via Project Templates is even simpler. There is no obstacle to create project templates based on clients, apart from generic ones.

The language pair of TMs and glossaries is determined automatically by project's language pair. 

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