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How to add a URL with a dash as a non-translatable?

Can someone tell me how to add a URL with a dash as a non-translatable?



all don't work.

When I test the expression www\.(.*?)\.com at, it seems to be valid:


It seems to work here:


On a side note: do these non-translatables with spaces work on your system? I always have to tag these as regular expressions.


I opened: Resources > Non-translatable fragments > Edit non-translatable fragments

Added it

Then did: Resources > Non-translatable fragments > Reload non-translatable fragments

Yup. Just added one to check, and e.g. ‘Arla Foods’ works!


I emptied the non-translatables glossary. Restarted CafeTran Espresso 2018. Chose the route described above to add a matching regular expression to nontranslatables.txt (as set in the Prefs):


I then restarted CafeTran Espresso 2018.


  • F4 doesn't show anything.
  • The URL isn't coloured purple.

Is this a Mac-related bug?

The regular expression matching works on Mac just the same as on Windows and Linux. I can see no issues here.

Thanks, Igor. Then I'll have to go to the bottom of this. First step: verification on another Mac. Then verification on a Windows system. Thanks for your effort!

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