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Check for embedded termbases in Studio packages

Here's a macro to check for the presence of any embedded termbases in Studio packages, opened in CafeTran Espresso 2018:


I've assigned the macro to the event Goto next segment, so the macro will be triggered as soon as I navigate to the second segment to translate.


  • You've opened the SDLPPX package in CafeTran Espresso 2018 and the app has created the folder structure representing the package content.
  • You've deleted all older subfolders named 'Termbases' from the path that is set in the macro (here: ~/Dropbox/CT/Prj).
Note: You will have to adjust the path to your own configuration.

BTW: As soon as I get Thomas van Nellen's SDLTB unpacker working, I'll try to modify the macro to have the app open the term base.

Now that Thomas van Nellen's Studio term base extractor has been updates to run on Java 10, I'll try to expand the solution above to enable automatic creation of CafeTran-compatible glossaries from Studio term bases. #fun project

This won't be easy, since we're dealing with a Java app (Eclipse), and it's difficult to control the buttons and other GUI elements. It would be nice if some command line parameters would be supported (-sdltb, -tab, -pipe).

First attempt of the macro:


It will copy an existing Studio term base to your Desktop (you'll need to change the part 'hl' in the path), remove the empty Termbases subfolder and open the converter app. Further steps are difficult.

Hm, a SDL TB is a mere database, there is not so much magic in them. Other tools™  (CAT tools) are able to process them. Why not ask the developer to offer a solution?

>This won't be easy

It has been solved, but indeed, an absolute pro had a hard time at it:

alwayslockyourbikeActually, I think that striving for fun is the best motivation to keep innovating and delivering. At least, that's what's leading me in my work.

I agree, but up to a certain point. The developper is advertising CafeTran because he clearly wants more paying users, but with statements like that don't you think that he is scaring potential users away if they believe that when the fun is over CafeTran too will be over, or it will remain undevelopped and unsupported?

I choose CafeTran also because I heard many good things about the developper's readiness/willingness to swiftly implement users' wishes. Of course I don't mean that he should implement all users' wishes just to make them happy, but—in my view of course—it would be a pity if he did everything only for his enjoyment after so many years of good progress and a more prominent position in the CAT tools market. 

I love working with CafeTran and would be very unhappy if one day I had to return to my previous tool or, even worse, look for a new one just because I feel that the developper believes that his products is already perfect and any new feature deserves his attention only as long as he finds fun in it. 

Part of his fun is surely to make us happy.

alwayslockyourbikePart of his fun is surely to make us happy.

He made me happy so far.

From a personal point of view, it is okay what Igor says, though I assume a light sense of irony in his words. A kind of Lightness of Being, if you want.

From an economical point if view, it would be better to omit this; any competitor might rely on this to present CT as a not so serious program, where there is nothing to expect. Most users that do not know the personality of our beloved developer might get persuaded not even to test CafeTran. Do we really want this?

See it like this: CafeTran offers a high potential, but CATs need to evolve, else you will go the Atril way, or maybe the Kilgray way. Not a "rat race", as Igor called it some moths ago, but a constant challenge. 

I can assure you I am committed to make CafeTran great.  And I enjoy it as ever!

This task has been solved by the developer as of August, 24, 2018. Just download the latest build of CafeTran.
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