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Find and Replace — default scope "Current segment only"

I would really like to ask nicely it if would be possible to add a "Current segment only" option to the Default scope panel in the Find and Replace menu.

This would be useful when for instance one needs to replace highly repetitive punctuation in a segment (for instance, replacing ; with :) or in cases like the one shown in the attached picture, where "EU" is to be replaced with "UE" (before someone mentions it, adding EU>UE to the fragment memory does not solve this issue, probably because EU is part of a "word")

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Yes this can be very handy. Especially in when the Quick Search Bar supports this, e.g. via a preceding character like ‘@‘: @EU UE would replace all stings EU in (at) the current segment with UE (match case and whole word only — to keep things simple). Imagine the power of this!
As a workaround you might want to try adding ‘EU/‘ to the replacement field on the Auto-assembling tab in the Preferences. Have it replaced with ‘UE/‘. If this doesn’t work (possibly you’ll have restart CafeTran), try ‘EU\/‘ (forward slash escaped with a backward slash). Note that these replacements are saved in Project Templates (the best invention since the introduction of sliced bread).

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