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Can SDL Studio memories updated during translation?

I did a Studio job today using the provided Sdltm memory. When I imported it, I confirmed that the Read only check box in the memory import window was not selected. However, after translation the Sdltm memory didn't show any change of date, which means that it didn't get updated. It was not a package, I received the files individually.

In other words, what should I do to have the Sdltm memory updated while translating?

Also, when a SDL Studio project is set up and a Sdltm memory imported, and after ten minutes of work I close CTE to do other things, then I reopen it to resume working, the Sdltm needs to be reimported. Doesn't CTE save the memory somewhere? I am afraid I am missing something obious.

Non-TMX translation memories need to be saved in the TMX format to be able to update them. To save it as a TMX memory choose Memory > Save memory as... . 

> Doesn't CTE save the memory somewhere?

No extra steps here. It simply opens the sdltm again.

Thanks. Then, once the translation is finished the re-conversion of the updated TMX memory to the original Sdltm format can only be done by importing it into SDL Studio?

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