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Google AutoML

AutoML allows Google cloud service users to upload translated language pairs to train their own custom, domain-specific NMT model.

They are not interested in small clients.

AutoML Behind the Scenes In a nutshell, AutoML is “a way to create custom models without you having to actually write the code,” according to Bombassei. For AutoML Translate, for instance, users can train Google’s generic NMT engines with in-domain data to make it customized for their use-cases. “The more fitting the translations, the better the model will work,” he said. “And of course that’s intended to be your domain-specific vocabulary or your particular niche terminology.” The user provides the data through graphical interface; no coding or command lines required. After uploading the data to the cloud, training takes “approximately three hours, depending on the complexity,” and after that the trained model can perform custom translation. “And that translation will actually be using your terms, your terminology, your dictionary,” Bombassei said.
Amazon, ibm and Microsoft now offer similar services.
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