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Workflow in Caftran Espresso with Trados packages



My major client uses Trados (currently Trados 2017) and always sends me Trados packages to work with.
I tried Caftran Espresso for some projects, I really like the simplicity and the fast response of the software, and I wanted to get rid of Trados for a long time, because it is a) slow, b) buggy and c) way too expensive.

The problem is that the packages always come with an online TM and a termbase. I already figured out that I can convert the online TM to a TMX in Trados, and then use it in Cafetran.
This is a bit complicated, so is there a way around?
After completion of the work, I would like to perform a QA with X-Bench. How will this work in Espresso?

Thanks for your advice.

Here's some Info edited from the FIle Formats reference file:

For external projects, the Export button becomes Finalize in CafeTran’s segments grid. This sets the TRANSLATED status to all target segments and saves the project (Note: They appear as Translated in SDL Trados, and as Checked in CafeTran). Generally, this step should be performed prior to delivering the files. 

Note: If you need to keep a different status for some segments than the translated status, DON'T use the Finalize button. Instead, filter the segments you want to set as Translated, and apply the Task > Set translated status for target segments.

For packages, you also need to export the package (or return package) back via Project > Export and exchange > To Package.

OK, for packages, I *think* Export to Package also sets the status to Translated for SDL Trados (Checked in CafeTran), not sure. I always use Finalize, then Export to Package.

If the above is true, I don't really how to set selective status for packages. In that case, unless Igor has more accurate information, it could make sense to translate the sdlxliff files instead (expand the package, it's just a compressed file). The Multiple files workflow can be used then (open all sdlxliff files in a folder), and SDLTM/SDLTB still imported via Memory > Import submenu.

Here's another workaround I just thought, NOT TESTED: If the signed-off segments have a different status that the to be translated segments in CafeTran, then filter these by status (Filter > Status submenu), and use Task > Lock segments. These are only locked for the CafeTran session, not in Studio (or if you restart CafeTran). Normally, locked segments should not get the Translated status when you finalize file or export to package. Please confirm this if you test it.


Warning: Status information may have changed since, especially for segments with the Checked/Approved status in Studio, see here :

So, again from the FIle Formats reference file:

Signed-off segments in SDL Trados have the Checked status in CafeTran.

Complete Sign-off (marked with PM and a lock in SDL Trados) have the Locked status in CafeTran. 

If you mark Studio segments as Locked in CafeTran, this status is active for the current CT session only. The CafeTran status does not interfere with the locked segment status (Complete sign-off) that is set in Studio by the project manager.

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