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Automatic reloading of glossaries after deletion of a term pair

Would it be possible to add automatic reloading of glossaries after deletion of a term pair?

Also: after a modification

I vote for this, including after any modification in external editors.

Also, when reloading a glossary its pane shows in alfabetical order all entries starting from the very first one instead of only the entries related to the current segment.

So, in essence, you wish the "Reload glossary" action removed and handled automatically by CafeTran?

I was just going to amend my posting: What I would like to see is CTE reloading automatically the Glossary after any change done with an external editor, because sometimes I forget to do it myself. Is this reasonable?

I thinks so. Have asked for it myself in 2015. You can use autohotkey to work around it. But a built-in feature would be nice.
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