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Double entries in glossaries

In the job I'm doing right now it sometimes happens that new entries (completely new for that glossary) get listed twice. They are exactly the same in everything. The mistery is that this doesn't happen always.

Interesting, Hans. Any idea if they run at full speed?

Lack of decent software is not the only hurdle, there is also the problem of the terrible keyboards being offered on all the current MacBooks. If I did ever get a Mac, I would need it to be a laptop, but I simply can't work with any of those crazy FLAT keyboards, with the Fn in the wrong place (i.e. in the left corner where the Ctrl button should be, or whatever its equivalent is called on a Mac), and the tiny/squashed/malformed arrow keys, etc. 

My current (fanless!) 14" Windows laptop has this keyboard, which I love:


It's a real shame, because apart from the terrible keyboards and lack of good business/work software, the Mac OS is very good, and the hardware is also very good. I wish Apple would release a business version of their MacBook line: 

MacBook Work


1. Cheaper (a fully specced 1MacBook Pro 15" is still way too expensive, for what you get)

2. Less thin

3. Proper keyboard



A black device and/or keyboard? I couldn’t live with that. It would make me soooo depressed.


I still have this duplicating behaviour in CTE 10.6.6. It comes in two flavours, as described by Igor above.

If I create an entry twice (because it exactly exists but does not appear for various reasons), I get two different entries.

If I select an entry and edit it (e.g. to fill my additional columns such as URLs, expanded form for acronyms or comments), a new entry is created with the new information in addition to the previous one.

Also, (not related), entries in the glossaries do not show up when a term is adjacent to a tag, which is very often the case for technical terms (because they would be underlined, bold or italic in the original document). It would be really cool if tags were not considered as characters and the terms recognised by themselves.

Best regards

I also sometimes encounter double entries in glossaries.

Double, triple or even more similar entries (with long segments) appear on the glossary tab only, while on the Matchboard all is ok.

I've been having the glossary double-entry issue since starting out with CTE more than one year ago. It happens "randomly" right when creating new entries in my tri-lingual glossary, and when I open it to delete the redundant entry I often find that it's not identical to the first one. 

I also have 3 languages on the Definitions page in Preferences, but I use only 2 in each glossary. Might be somehow connected?

I'm not sure what I need to do for the issue to show itself. It happens even in a glossary I never update.

If your glossary contains duplicate entries, CafeTran will display them twice in the glossary pane. The Prefix matching option might cause that as well - two matches with the same prefix might fetch the same entry. The Matchboard can sort the duplicate entries out. A future update might deal with the display of duplicates in the glossary pane too.

Igor, glossaries have no duplicates, but the Prefix matching is enabled indeed. 

Hopefully, an update will address it.

In my case, glossaries do have duplicates. Each time I create an entry, it is created twice. I did some more tests.

My glossaries have several languages. The one I am doing the test with has French, EN_GB, EN_US.

If I create an entry (pencil icon or Ctrl G) and fill only French and EN_GB, ONE ENTRY is created in the glossary. If, on the contrary, I create an entry and fill all three languages, that are French and EN_BG - the languages used by the project - and EN_US, that appears in an extra text box on the lower right, then TWO ENTRIES are created. Not just displayed; the entries will appear twice in the glossary file afterwards.

If I select the term in the glossary panel and edit it, for instance to add URLs or comments (any of the extra columns I have), then only this term is edited, and not its sibling created at the same time in the same glossary.

So I tried to do more tests, with glossaries having four languages, other columns, etc. But I then entered a world of pain, where the available text boxes did not correspond to the columns of the right glossaries, etc.

I think the main issue is the order CTE does things. When we create an entry, all our glossaries are listed, and it is assumed that they have the same columns, which is not always the case (it certainly is not in my case).

I think I am complicating my own life.

I think Nicolas's identification of the duplicate entry mechanism in CTE is basically right, although CTE is somewhat inconsistent. For instance, during the job I was doing this morning I entered a bunch of new terms in my tri-lingual glossary (providing the translation of the inactive language too) and they were created twice in the glossary, except one term. It's really difficult to see a pattern here.

So, it seems that CTE's behavior is quite erratic in this respect. It's not a big deal, for it's easy to open the glossary in an editor and delete the duplicate entries. Yet, this duplication issue is irritating and should not be happening.


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