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Password-protected Word files

I've just noticed that CafeTran doesn't import password-protected Word files, and no setting exists to make this possible, if I am not mistaken. To import such type of files one has to remove the password protection first.

Would this qualify for an official request to provide CafeTran with the ability to pop-up  a password-input window during the import process?  

Probably this topic is of nobody's interest, me think. The workaround that I found is removing the encryption from the Word file before import and re-applying it after export. No big deal, but it's not very practical in my opinion.

Mario, I'll add a note in the reference documents (file formats) that password-protected office documents are not supported.

I don't know if its trivial to have CafeTran ask for the password to unlock the file and import its contents.

Maybe the program can at least produce a warning that "The file you are trying to import is password-protected. Please remove the protection in the original application and import it again".

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