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More detailed statistics

Something I would really like to see in a future CafeTran version would be a breakdown of Statistics into match percentages, much the same as the "Analysis" feature in Trados.

This would allow, amongst other things, to have something that is very useful and that I always find lacking in CafeTran, which is price estimates for clients that actually take into account 100% matches, no matches AND fuzzy matches (of different percentages).

Hopefully I'm not the only one interested in this?

Am I missing something? Because this feature already exists.

With at least one TM attached to your open project:

- Project > Statistics > Memory Statistics > select the memory you want to use to see the breakdown


- Project > Statistics > Total Statistics : The normal statistics are displayed along with each attached TM memory breakdown.

and (optionally)

- Project > Statistics > Save report

As per my post here, this match analysis can already be used in at least one translation management tool. allows you to import matches from CAT tool analysis files (SDL Trados, Wordfast Pro, MemoQ and CafeTran Espresso -

So, what would you like to see added to this feature?

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(I'll go hide under a tree now... if you only knew how long I've been looking for this...years now...)

CafeTran never ceases to amaze. Thanks for the info Jean!

Btw, I downloaded the PDFs of your CafeTran's instructions and searched for the word "Statistics" but couldn't find any hits. Are they maybe outdated? I have just rechecked again in the "Menu and Interface" PDF and it's not there.

Hello Luisa,

I'm glad to help.

This is strange, I think this info was there from the beginning, although it is possible that I have added it in one of the subsequent updates.

Anyway, now I'm updating the reference documents every two-three months or so, and update the PDFs as well.

Here is the current home for TheCafeTranFiles wiki:

To download the lastest PDFs:

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