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Right to left typing in Cafetran?

Is there an undocumented shortcut that toggles right to left typing?

I must have inadvertently pressed something while typing fast, and now even if I copy 17. from source, I get .17. I can't find anything in the list of keyboard shorcuts or in the menus.

Your help will be appreciated.

Hi Piotr.

Not sure if this is a consolation, but last year, following this post, I've added this shortcut to the list of available shortcuts (under Miscellaneous) in my Preferences reference document:

It's "documented", in a way.

It definitely deserves a place in the list of configurable shortcuts (or at least in a menu, a button, something).

At least I know that if  run into a problem I can refer to this community support to find a solution. :-)

Found it. It is Ctrl+Shift+O (at least in my system), and it overrides the function that is in Cafetran's shortcut list, namely Open document.

One year later, the undocumented RTL shortcut is still there. Ran into it again just a few minutes ago.

Perhaps you should shout louder

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