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REQ: Fixes for OpenDocument Format (ODF) support

I'm using almost exclusively ODF formats and LibreOffice for working files as MS Office is not available for me and I've noticed some bugs in the way CF handles them. These concern mostly odt files as I'm more familiar with them.

Firstly, highlighted text.
(1) If a part of a segment (that is not the ending full-stop) is highlighted, everything is fine. However, if the whole segment is highlighted, the CF highlights subsequent segments in the segments pane (it looks like it misses the end of the highlight area). The exported target text is fine.
(2) if not the whole segment, but part of it including the ending character (full-stop) is highlighted, CF won't split such sentences into segments. It misses highlighted full stop as a segmentation mark.

Secondly, concerning headers and footers.
(3) CF completely ignores them. They are left untranslated.

Finally, handling text with comments.
(4) This is quite serious. For example, here's representation of text with two commented words:
"(word1) (commented word1). (word2) (commented word2).".
CF would render it as: "(word1) (commented word1) (commented word2)."
So the whole text between comments is lost.
(5) it would be nice if the text in comments themselves could be translated too.

I've attached a zip archive with three OpenDocument Text documents and screenshots from CF. Thanks and, please, let me know if there's anything I can do or provide (probably I could think of more bugs)!


Thank your for raising these issues, it's nice to see the ODF formats getting some love. I take it you too are working on GNU/Linux?

I don't use these features much, so I hadn't noticed the issues you raise myself (I had reported an issue with phrases not segmented at headings, which was since resolved), but I can confirm them on my end as well from the example files you have attached.

Thanks for the response! Yes, I'm working on Fedora and it's just so great that CafeTran being a commercial product has chosen a development strategy to be able to support GNU/Linux. Of course, we all use our own features and I'm sure my setup is not the most common, so issues like this can easily stay unnoticed by developers. I've found workarounds to circumvent these issues by preparing source documents before I work with them, but it's always easier if stuff just works. And new users can be confused by issues like these if they get ODF documents. Probably there are awaiting other similar small bugs or missing features to be found and reported, but for now I'll stay with these as I'm not really sure about how the bug-reporting and fixing actually works here.

Fedora! Perfect. I'm running Archlinux (well, actually Antergos) myself :-) 

Here in CafeTran (I only talk as a user and translator myself, but I've also been involved in a CafeTran reference documents project), development is often driven by and at least very much in touch with translators needs and feedback.

You can either publicly report a problem or request/discuss a feature or enhancement here in this forum, or create a private support ticket.

The advantage of support tickets is that you can attach files that are confidential (example: a cafetran package to help the developer reproduce a specific issue or look into a specific format).

The advantage of creating a public post is that requested features can be further discussed/fine tuned or critiqued by other CafeTran members.

In time, you will probably discover that the developer, Igor Kmitowski, is very capable and attentive to user feedback, while still retaining his own vision.

At any rate, I think the way you used to describe the issues you raised will be quite helpful to him.

This forum is also a good place to raise any usage questions.

See you around!


This is off topic, but might be of interest to you: there's a wiki, TranslateOnLinux, intended for translators who work from a GNU/Linux distribution. Any feedback is welcome :-)

Thank you very much for the info, I'll try to be helpful! That wiki of yours TranslateOnLinux is an awesome place to get some knowledge and dig for gems. I'm bookmarking it!
Arch and Arch-based distributions and their users seem to emit aura of very well-made wiki pages and documentation! : )

Arch and Arch-based distributions and their users seem to emit aura of very well-made wiki pages and documentation! : )

Well put! I hadn't thought of this that way, but that indeed :-D

In the past,  I received the tremendous feedback to polish the handling of Microsoft .docx documents, which is the mainstream document format. Likewise, I will look into the attached ODT documents to better processing of this format as well. Thanks! 

I'm glad to be of help! : )

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