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Doubt on project switching

Just a request of confirmation, please: When I switch to an existing project by selecting it in the Dashboard, the Dashboard doesn't reflect the exact memory/glossary settings of when that very project was last used, right?

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I don't the for sure, but opening the project via the Dashboard does takes into account the ticked resources, so it does have some influence over the settings stored in the project.

You can avoid that by closing the Dashboard (Dashboard context menu button > Close Dashboard) and using the Project menu  instead (Project > Open project, Open project folder or Recent items). This way, the Dashboard settings do not come into play for sure.

If you haven't done thus far, at this point, I think you might want to explore the Project templates, a feature that allows you to quickly save and load the Dashboard state and project settings.

I've made an attempt at explaining that feature in:

PS: I have the impression this behaviour has changed, so using Project > Open project, Open project folder or Recent items still needs to be tested and compared to performing these actions from the Dashboard's drop-down list.

I remember having read your article on project templates, which are clearly useful for new projects. But I wonder if the ability to fully restore an old project with all the memory and glossary settings used last should not be on obvious feature for a CAT of CafeTran level. 

And considering the importance that CafeTran is giving the Dashboard, this feature should be available right from there in my opinion. That is, making the Dashboard fully project-sensitive.

Not that I can't live without it, of course.

I actually requested this only a few days ago (and in the past if I remember correctly). Here is what I asked Igor recently:

#1615 Feature request: all associated resources (glossaries, TMs, etc.) automatically ticked/unticked when selecting different projects from drop-down menu on Dashboard?

Hi Igor,


It would be great if, when selecting a different project from the drop-down menu on the Dashboard, all its associated resources (glossaries, TMs, etc.) would be automatically ticked/unticked on the Dashboard. I think this would help make everything a lot clearer, especially for new users.


MB: I think this would help make everything a lot clearer, especially for new users.

But (perhaps I'm missing the real value/intention of the Dashboard), at this point I wonder if the Dashboard makes sense at all. If new projects can be created with a sort of wizard and always recalled with all relevant resouce data intact (sorry, I still have DV in mind), wouldn't it be much easier to start directly with the standard CafeTran menu for everything? 

OK, I have just made a test, opening an old CafeTran project from the Dashboard and from Project > Open project, and all resources were remembered with both methods, even if the Dashboard had no resources enabled at all. So CafeTran DOES remember the resources for its own projects.

This is different for External projects, hence the (my) confusion (it would be nice to have CafeTran behave more consistently, with less differences between native and external projects). It seems CafeTran does not currently remember resources that are not ticked in the Dashboard when you open an external project. I think this is because CafeTran just opens the file at its location, it does not create a native project, where such information can be stored.

Even if the project is listed in the recent projects, CafeTran just reopens the file, with no information stored as to the resources used, other than those present and enabled in the Dashboard.

So. to get around that limitation for now (for external projects only), Project templates are relevant (and not only for new projects), since you can save and then load a  template with the exact same resources you had when you opened the external project in the first place (just save the template with a relevant file name after closing the project or re-opeing CafeTran, I recommend the latter).

Please note that for SDL Trados packages, the attached SDLTM is imported as read-only by default, so you always get the TM options dialog for that memory.

Finally, I agree there is room for improvement and I understand there is something in the works, but I think the Dashboard does make sense (both for native and for external projects), especially when combined with Project templates.

Example 1:

I have at least one Project template for each language combination I use.


When I load the Greek to French project template, I have different websites than for English to French, the ones relevant to each language pair. Some are ticked, some I can enable or disable for my next project depending on my needs. Systematically having to select web resources without the Dashboard (via Resources > Web) would be impractical.


Example 2:

The same is true if you use Project templates for different clients/projects/layouts, etc.

Example 3:

Don't you just love the drag and drop feature?

Drag and drop a file or a folder to create a new project, drag and drop a Glossary to add or a TM to add/edit, etc.


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