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Quick solution for TMX->Glossary ?

Hello everybody,

Is there a quick way of converting a term into a glossary entry ?

My memory has over 105.000 segments. So I have a lot of (past) translations in there. Sometimes, because of time constraints, I do not add terms into the glossary. But they are in my Memory. So a search shows me:


How can I turn that quickly into a glossary entry?

In the above example the term is in a segment, but my queston also applies to the term being in a long segment. So I do NOT want to convert a full segment into a glossary entry, but only one word out of a segment.

Thanks to all!


Open your TMX memory in the Edit mode (just like a regular project), and then add your segments or parts of segments via the mouse selection or a keyboard shortcut the same way as you add terms to glossaries translating a project.

Many thanks Igor and sorry for 'being stupid' but I do not understand/do not find how I should do that.

Probably I need new glasses.

Kind regards


Hello Thomas,

Click on the Dashboard menu button > Project type > Edit translation memory, then drag and drop the TMX you wish to edit. In the dialog, choose to Edit (the translation memory). You can open the Glossary you wish to use, and add the terms you wish to it as you would in any already translated project.

Filter > Sort by length could be useful if some short segments are equivalent to terms you wish to store.


A different take:

You can also make use of Memory > Export > Export selected segments to Glossary.

Filter actions can be performed to control which segments will be exported.

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