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REQ: If MT services are stopped/disabled, don't remove them from Dashboard


I’d like to request an improvement regarding the Dashboard and the MT services that are configured via Preferences > MT services.

When such services are stopped (disabled) during translation, after closing the project (or quitting CafeTran) and returning to the Dashboard, they are completely gone.

Would it be possible to have the Dashboard remember their ON/OFF state, but still list them under Other resources and services, so that they can easily be re-enabled if need be?

Thank you,


If you stop MT services via the right click at any of the MT services pane (see Stop automatic MT service option), they are still shown in the Dashboard.

I generally rely on Project templates, but this time I just opened an external file for QA, and disabled all resources, including the MT services from the Dashboard before drag and droping the file.

Upon reopening the Dashboard (after finishing the task and quitting CafeTran), and without loading another template, the disabled MT services are not listed any more.

Would it be possible to have them still shown (albeit unchecked) in the Dashboard in that case as well?

Hello, bringing up this request.

When MT services are set up in Preferences > MT, would it be possible to let them be displayed under "Other resources and services" in the Dashboard at all times?

Currently, if MT services are not selected during one project (unchecked  boxes), they disappear from the Dashboard after closing CafeTran or the project.

The above should be possible in the newest build of the Forerunner 2019 version (2018102601).

I confirm MT services configured in Preferences > MT services stay visible in the Dashboard even after closing a project with no MT engines enabled.

This is a lot more convenient than having them disappear from the Dashboard, many thanks for implementing it!

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