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No analysis function in CT?

How do you perform job analysis in CT? Do you use another CAT tool?

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Sadly, CafeTran doesn't yet export to any of the formats compatible with invoicing/project management programs (such as TO3000, BaccS, etc.). I have asked Igor a few time, but can't remember what he answered last time. I'll check that and report back. For example, I am currently using BaccS, and it would be super-cool to have some kind of CSV export format to use directly in that program. I currently need to enter all the data into BaccS manually, which is why I usually use memoQ or Studio to do the analysis when I am in a hurry. However, CT always gives better counts, which is always slightly annoying.

Having said that, when running Project Statistics or Total Statistics in CafeTran, the program does copy the data to your clipboard, so it can be pasted into e.g. Excel after that.


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