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When the glossary is positioned on the right of the translation grid

This is more or less a request, unless there is an obious solution which I don't know yet, in which case please help.

I work with only one 24" monitor and CT occupies something like 6 tenths of the monitor width, the rest being used for reference files. 

I'm using a tri-lingual glossary (which works perfectly now) and in my working layout the general glossary and the project glossary are placed on the right side of the main CT window, one on top of the other. Very useful for me. This means that the three contiguous cells of each language are rather squeezed, but this is still OK. 

Now, if I decided to add additional fields to the glossaries, for instance Note and Reading, the latter containing the reading of Japanese character strings, in such a narrow space everything with be so crippled to become almost unreadable.

Therefore, would it be easy to add one day (not tomorrow) the possibility to set the visibility of the additional fields via on mouse over a term through a small pop-up window?  

It is already nicely implemented. Just define the glossary fields to hide in Edit > Preferences > Glossary tab (e.g. 4,5,6) and restart the program. Then hover the mouse over the source term in the glossary pane or over the type of the match in the Matchboard to show all the fields (columns). 

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Just perfect! Many thanks.

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