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REQ: The Reference Documents

This is my day for requests.

Quite recently, I had to look up something, and I thought that Jean's Ref Docs would be the best place to find it. I didn't know how to do it. What I wanted to find could be in two of his documents. Unless I'm missing something, the only way to search them is opening/downloading them. And then search each. There must be an easier way, for example include them in F reshdesk, or (and I can understand both IK and Jean don't want that) as a website. Or something.


Hello Hans,

Good point. I'll consider a suitable solution in consultation with Igor.

In the meantime, since the PDFs are searchable, you may be able to query them with Docfetcher, if you still use it, or something similar (Spotlight?) on your Mac.


Jean: ...since the PDFs are searchable

But then I'd have to download them (BTW, Spotlight can search them as well, no need for DocFetcher). I did, but you promised to update them regularly, and you delivered. So I deleted the downloaded Reference Documents again...


I've actually been using Google myself to find stuff in Jean's resources ;-)


PS: any plans to move to GitLab (or something else), since GitHub was bought by Microsoft? I hear quite a few people are jumping ship (although I'm not sure it is actually warranted).

@Jean: if you ever need some extra server space, I always have a ton I don't use with my annual GoDaddy Deluxe plan...

you could get yrself a cool domain (like and park the data under… somewhere

The Reference documents (aka TheCafeTranFiles) receive regular updates every two or three months.

They have now been updated for CafeTran Espresso 2018 - Akua Update 10. 

I have added the new PDFs as well. Surely, downloading PDFs every three months or so can't be much of a bother.

In the coming weeks, the reference documents will get a proper domain name. Stay tuned!




Thank you for the offer, but I already have a Web hosting plan, where I can set set up any Addon Domain I like (meaning that there will be no need to park data under or any other existing domain name, just pick a new one).

I will probably use another separate (and free) hosting solution though.

Also, for now, I have no plan of moving my files from Github to GitLab because of the Microsoft take over, although I already have a GitLab account as well (in which I can create private repos as part of the free plan, which is not the case in Github).


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