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REQ: Segment state "Edited"

This is a major request that has been evoked before, e.g. by Michael.

We actually have two (or three) segments statusses:

  • Translated
  • Confirmed
  • Approved (that I still do not understand, as Confirmed does the job for me in sdlxliff files)

You might think that's pretty simple, but this simplicity leads to several flaws:

  • You cannot pretranslate a file and work on the pre-translated, populated segments. This would be much faster and neatlier than the virtual pretranslate feature CT offers (where everthing is gone after closing and reopening a project). This is a frequent work scenario where CT might slow down the work flow. Example for a workflow in other tools: get a very similar file to translate, pretranslate, sort by match value (one more request, indeed), confirm and check all segments with a value up to 95 %, perhaps then the segments up to 80 %.
  • Content might get lost.
  • You cannot differentiate between MT'ed, automatically populated (simply, by passing through) fuzzies and edited segments. For external project files you get sometimes a fuzzy value, for native projects you get a 100 % value displayed in the segment number's box (but not a fuzzy value, right?).
  • Worst case: You are finishing a file and searching for certain fragments or terms (to control them, to replace them etc.). The focus jumps sometimes from the quick search bar to the target segment (Mac only, no idea how to resolve this) and adds text to the segment. Then you must live with the danger of having these chunks inserted, as sometimes they are remaining, sometimes not. And there is no change of the segment state.

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