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REQ: A shortcut or anything to start - no toolbar, no start

When switching off the toolbar, there is – naturally – the "Start tranlsation" button missing (for native projects).

In the meantime, as advanced user, you might dare to type the shortcut for "Add checked segment ..." to advance and start, but it could be disturbing for beginners or not so adventurous users who disabled the toolbars, maybe by accident ...

There are four solutions

  1. leave it as is and consider the risk of confused users
  2. leave it as is, but properly document it here (the lack of documentation might be seen here as biggest annoyance)
  3. put the "start translation" button elsewhere (not my favorite)
  4. define and document a shortcut for "start translation" (alternatively, rename or make the "Add checked segment ..." to the corresponding shortcut)

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There is a tooltip that shows the keyboard shortcut for the Start button.

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