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CF fails to relaunch with multiple document projects


I've experienced on several occasions a strange issue.

With multiple document projects (regardless of whether it is originally multiple or a document is added later) CT fails to relaunch from the dashboard. Only after closing the dashboard and opening a current project, it opens. But then all the tab arrangements are lost with the exception of the matchboard.

More interestingly, I noticed it probably has something to do with HTML view. The issue occurs when such a view is created in a multiple project. I experimented with this and it seems to be the case.

Igor, is it possible. What could be the reason for this?



It depends on the contents of those websites. They may contain ads or other multimedia which can take lots of RAM memory. I would suggest experimenting with Java memory value starting from 2048.


the problem is I have the newest version of CT, 64-bit Java, and 64-bit Windows 10.

Today I worked on two glued documents (with HTML view for one of them). Sometimes the project failed to launch the way it did before (it blocked during the loading of the working window).

My question is whether there is a sense in increasing the RAM memory in preferences. I don't work with large translation memories or glossaries or on very large projects. But I have more than 10 websites connected to CT in the detached window. Do they need increased RAM, too?





Hello Wojciech,

What operating system, CafeTran version and Java version do you use? See it in the Help > About panel. Make sure you Java is 64-bit. Also, check this article: 

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