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New layout + Right-click on tabs

This must be seen in the context of the new Layout:

Here, the tabs are at the very bottom of the main window. When right-clicking on these tabs, the focus is automatically on one of the following:

Close all tabs

Close other tabs

Close tab

This means that one of these commands gets triggered if you don't navigate to one of the commands (or your mouse focus is out of the menu). Simply imagine you have clicked on the wrong tab – zas, all other tabs are closed. Stupid, isn't it? As I worked last week with Windows only and it did not happen, this seems to happen primarily on Mac.

Anyway, it is not the best idea to put the primary focus on the commands above when right-clicking, no matter where the tabs are located.

> Simply imagine you have clicked on the wrong tab...

Well, simply don't click if you don't wish to activate any of the menu commands. Anyway, the pop-up menu is moved 2 pixels away from the mouse in the latest build. 

> Well, simply don't click if you don't wish to ...

Well, to work in a reasonable manner with CT and Layout 6 this is necessary. What possibilities are there?
  • Use the matchboard. The matchboard is too inconvenient and unflexible in some aspects (sorting, view, colors).
  • Build a single template for any client and language combination (is this reasonable?), and even then for packages you need to rework the layout to integrate the package's TM.
  • Click, click and configure a reasonable view by hand, consisting of (in this order)
  1. Primary TM
  2. (+ eventually Total Recall TM)
  3. (+ eventually external, client-owned TM)
  4. Primary glossary/TB
  5. (+ eventually external TB)
  6. (+ eventually secondary TB/IATE etc.)
  • If there was a real drag&drop function for the tabs (including dragging & dropping in docked views etc.) or more flexibility for the matchboard, this could be at least a not perfect, but more convenient solution.
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