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Create TMX

I have a two column excel (original;translation) that I want to make into a tmx. How?


Hi Lars,

See the menu Memory > Import > Import MS Excel memory... .


First, you need to create a new translation project: by setting the language pair, then drag and dropping the Excel file in the Dashboard.

Note: Before that, you may need to adjust the Segmentation options in Preferences > General to fit your needs.

In the New project dialog that opens, make sure the MS Excel (.xlsx) filter is being used. Then, you'll just need to set up the Excel filter options. Select the Filter options tab.

In the "Import source column", specify from which column(s) to import source text. In the "Import target column", specify from which column(s) you wish to import content in the translated segments.

In your example this will be:

Import source column: A

Import target column: B

Leave the Export column empty.

Then, simply create the project and press the Start button.

Excel filter options are discussed here:

If you have attached a project memory, you can use Memory > Import > Segments from project, then Memory > Save memory and use that TMX.

Otherwise, and in general, you can just use Project > Export and exchange > To TMX memory.

If you are starting out, check out the Solutions: and the Reference files:


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