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SDLXLIFF Considerations

Hi! I'm having a major problem regarding sdlxliff files. Actually, I just get SDL packages to work with but I most of them come pretranslated from clients tm (so not all the matches are 100% but up to 80%). The problem is right here, I can identify 100% matches very easily but, what about not 100% matches? How can I differentiate them from what I have drafted? The whole problem is that both not 100% matches from client and my own edition/drafts/translated segments look just the same and I'm very afraid of leaving some not 100% matches untouched by mistake, is there any way to differentiate them? Am I doing something wrong?

Another consideration, when merging segments from sdlxliff files, will this merging be reflected in the actual sdlxliff file or it's just "virtually merging" and they will look splited in the actual sdlxliff file? It would be amazing if the merging also reflects in the actual file.

Thanks in advance!

> How can I diferentiate between 100% Translated and 100% Draft from Trados?

"Translated/Approved" status has a red border in the grid (in the recent CafeTran 2018 updates - starting from update 6).

You can control the status (flow) via the status box in the target editor's toolbar. Or just set the Translated status via the Task menu for the filtered set of segments.

> - Is the "approve" status propagated over repetitions?

Statues do not propagate but you can filter segments (on a given criteria) and set the Translated/Approved status via the Task menu.

Ok Igor, I'm sorry for the explanation, I was mistaken, actually, I can see the % of each match, but the whole experience is a mess:

- How can I diferentiate between 100% Translated and 100% Draft from Trados?

- If I want the "Translated" status when going back to Trados, I guess I need to "approve" each segment in CT, Ok, I see an advantage here as the segment in the grid changes its colors and so on, but, why, if I move from one segment to another, the approve status keeps marking my segments even if there's nothing typed? I mean, why not making the "approve" status act like "at confirming" segments or something like this instead of "just entering to a segment"?

- Is the "approve" status propagated over repetitions?

Hello Victor,

Are you are using the latest update 8 of the CTE 2018 version? Can you attach a sample sdlxiff file to the support ticket where the lower percentage matches do occur and you can't see them in the status column of the grid?

Yes, the virtually merged segments are kept still as two units in the actual sdlxliff file.

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