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Tags and spaces (again)

I know I've raised this before, but I'm still getting frustrated with the fact that CT incorporates spaces into tags. It should not be doing this. (I'm not aware of any other CAT tool that does this.)

There are plenty of cases where the tag in the target requires no space (e.g. where the tag precedes a comma or full stop in the target but not in the source). This is of course unacheivable with CT at present - I am forced to insert an erroneous space.

I don't appreciate being forced to introduce errors into my translation and then having to hope I remember to correct them later.


It would really help if you demonstrated the issue in the ticket, attaching a .ctp package (Project > Export and exchange > To package...) to the ticket. Please provide a segment number where this problem occurs in your project. I am asking for such details here since it concerns the filter. Each change to the filter needs to be tested thoroughly as it may have unwanted side-effects (e.g increased number of tags at dangling/standalone spaces). The real-life example will also help me understand the problem better.  Thanks! 

Hi Igor,
I've raised a ticket with a CTP package as requested.


The filter should be improved in the latest build of the update 8 to CTE 2018-Akua version.

Important! Please finish all the projects before applying this update to CafeTran's  filters. Otherwise, the export to the target language document may fail  in the projects started with the previous updates.


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