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Monolingual target document derived from a TM-Town aligned document


I have aligned my source and target documents using TM-Town. Now I need to open just the target document in Word, to present to the client. Any suggestions on the best way to use CafeTran to do this?



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I don't think the alignment tools can preserve the original format of the document (e.g Word). They extract the text and align in segments saving it in a translation memory .tmx format. You migh try to get the target text from the TMX file as follows.

1. Download the aligned translation memory (.tmx) from TM-Town.

2. Open the memory in TMX Edit mode as a project in CafeTran.

3. Go to Project > Export and exchange > To HTML file... and export it as HTML file.

4. Open the resulting .html file in Word or LibreOffice and just copy the target column and paste it to a new (Word or LibreOffice) document. 

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