CafeTran Espresso 2018 Akua Update 8

CafeTran Espresso 2018 Akua Update 8 is available for download. The update can be performed via Drag and Drop as follows:

1. Run CafeTran.

2. Download file from here and place it on your desktop. Do not unzip or rename the file after downloading.

Note: On Mac OSX system, Safari web browser may unzip the file automatically after downloading it. Before you download the update file, uncheck the following Safari option:

Safari > Preferences > General > Open "safe" files after downloading.

3. Drag and Drop the downloaded file anywhere in CafeTran's initial screen - the Dashboard.

Alternatively, you can install file via the "Install Update" button in the Help > About panel instead of dragging and dropping.

Important! Please complete all your translation projects in your current CafeTran version before updating.

What's new:

  • The frequently-requested layout that integrates editors and the grid - see View > Window Layout > Layout 6 Compact. Although it is recommended for reviewing your translations, some translators might wish to use it for translating too, as it is a popular layout in other tools.  
  • QA > Initial capitalization check catches the false positives that start with numbers.

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There is a new build (2018052301) of update 8 available.  In this update, the search back and forward arrows are moved from the top search bar to the search field below. The change allows for narrowing the main window for even more compact view. For example:

1. Set the View > Window layout >  Layout 6 Compact and undock the Matchboard to the tabs below.

2. Switch the editors orientation to the vertical one, unchecking View > Segment editors > Horizontal segment editors.

3. Resize the main windows as much as you can to see how compact CafeTran can be.

Please download and install the new build of the update 8 as described in the announcement post above.

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When switching off the toolbars (what makes even more effect with a vertical segment editors, this setting remains valid through all layouts, even the templates. For me this is fine, others might be disturbed. This is not really a systematical approach, is it?

Addendum: With this last build, you cannot jump anymore to the unfiltered segment position when working in a filtered view (in other words: the second, "real" segment number is missing then).

The new View > Layout 6 Compact is in the phase of trying out various arrangements for the status of the current segment. The users provide various feedback, and maybe there is still room for the improvement in the next builds.

> the Editor doesn't go back to where it was when I closed the project.

If you mean returning to the last edited segment, it does go back for CafeTran projects. It also returns to the last edited segment in projects created in other CAT tools if you return to them directly after closing, that is, not cutting in with another project.  Or just type the last segment number in the Search field and press Enter to set it for translation/edition. 

> what's the meaning of the orange frame?

The orange frame means the currently-edited segment just like in other layouts where the whole row is orange-framed.

That's why we are here. ;-)

I would second Michael's proposal of having this box integrated directly at the right of the opened segment. However I assume this is pretty hard to code without disturbing other layouts or having unwanted effects in different OSs or screen resolutions. Perhaps it might be better to switch back to the design solution before the last build.

> When switching off the toolbars...

Hiding toolbars is a global option not tied to any specific layout.

One more glitch:

When filtering, the filtered segments are only displayed above, while the grid below remains "as is". And when having the filtered view, the actual segment is being displayed a 2nd time in the grid above. Both quite confusing (and with an external mxliff file -> Memsource, not memoQ)

> Nice, but:

Thanks for the feedback.

> I still cannot understand the preference for their horizontal (side by side) placement seen in other CATs. To me, it is so unnatural to look sideways.

I'd really agree on this (as I got used to this), but why then does the Layout 6 have horizontal editors then? Or in other words, why isn't there a layout 7 (= layout 6 with vertical editors)?

Two more remarks:

  • after undocking the matchboard while Total Recall is recalling, it gets automatically docked again when recalling has finished (I assume at least as no other resource has been docked there until then)
  • why not make all tabs dock to the right side automatically in one of these layouts (I would not mind so much if the matchboard - as such a good idea - had much more configuration options e.g. order of the entries etc.)?

> why isn't there a layout 7...

Just uncheck View > Segment editors > Horizontal segment editors option if you prefer Vertical editors. There is no need to create yet another layout option here.

> after undocking the matchboard...

Please dock or undock the tabs only after all the resources finished loading and set in the interface (not as they are being loaded). CafeTran keeps the Matchboard undocked (if you wish so) after restart.

There is a new build (2018052501) of update 8 available. It changes the filters by showing the standalone space at the start of some formatting tags, instead of hiding it inside the tag as before.

Please download and install the new build of the update 8 as described in the announcement post above.

Important! Please finish all the projects before applying this update to CafeTran's filters. Otherwise, the export to the target language document may fail in the projects started with the previous updates.

Just a BIG "Thank you!" for the Layout 6, Igor. Though it may not be (yet) perfect, it's a HUGE improvement (at least for me). It makes working with CT a real pleasure. :-)

My (developer's) perfect Layout is 4 - with the main focus on resources in tabs, but it's great that you can find another CTE layout really enjoyable. Thanks!

Hi Igor, is there a way to check if the program took the update?

I followed your instructions but I can't tell if it took it or not.

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