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Check your bilingual files with LanguageTool and CheckMate

You can check your bilingual files with LanguageTool (LT) and CheckMate as follow.

  • Download and install LanguageTool from here – Deeplinks might change depending on your language.
  • Download and install CheckMate from here – beware, there was a new release some months ago to fit the new LT API
  • Start LT and go to Options, check Run as server. Leave the setting 8081 for the port as is
  • Start CheckMate and drag&drop a file (or several files) on its GUI.
  • TMX files and CafeTran XLF files are automatically recognized, mqxliff files (xliff) and SDL (SDLXLIFF) not
  • Go to Configuration (tab General) and uncheck Validate XLIFF documents against schema (else an error will be thrown out, at least for CafeTran and memoQ files)
  • Go to the tab LanguageTool and check the first case. There is no need to change anything (depeding on your language, at least for DE everything fits)
  • Close the window, go back to the main window and click on Check Document (or Check all)
  • Unfortunately, you cannot edit the file within CheckMate.

Maybe one day this will automatically work within CT.

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