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REQ: Better handling double entries in the glossary

There might be situations where double entries (without differences in context, field or notes) in the glossary might appear:

  • double entry is added after another entry has been made and the glossary shows only this newest one (didn't we have automatic reload already? - this happens always after editing an entry)
  • glossaries are merged or imported
  • the first entry is being overseen soemhow

The problem

  • adding the entry usually does not have any impact - you do not even note there is a double entry
  • double entries are not shown

The workaround

  • if you know there is a double entry, you might mark the source word and click on Glossaries on the Quick search bar to show, delete and/or merge (unfortunately only by hand) the entries

The wishes (alternatively and perhaps as option, to not overload slower machines)

  • show both entries
  • mark double entries at least with an asterisc

Dictionary ≠ Glossary.

A glossary might virtually have many more entries than a dictionary. These fragments often are not client-specific, so I could put them only into
  • a generalist TM (but why one more TM besides the client-specific, Total Recall and even some more from the client?)
  • Total Recall
  • the glossary


Torsten: Dictionary ≠ Glossary.

I'd agree to that, but all words and fragments are (also) added to my Big Papa TM for Fragments. Besides, synonyms and alternative translations require a separate entry each in my case. And my English Big Papa still doesn't count more than some 80,000 entries, since late last century.


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