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Checked segment status in MQXLIFF files


Today I've been sent a huge MQXLIFF file for translation, and my client wants me to make part deliveries of the translation.

Now what I'd prefer to do is translate and proofread part of the text, set the status of the completed segments to "Checked" while proofreading and then send the partly translated file to the client with the same segment statuses. Now my question is: Will my client have any problems opening an MQXLIFF file with only some segments set to "Checked" and others set to "Translated" or not translated at all? Or is it safer to click on "Finalize" before sending the partly translated MQXLIFF file?

Thanks for your help!


Hello Martin,

As per my test while I was writing the reference document on File formats (I don't generally use memoQ):

(Translator) Confirmed segments in memoQ are marked as Checked in CafeTran. Finalizing in CafeTran will set the status of all segments to Translator Confirmed in MemoQ.

I suggest you do that: Finalize.

Anyone with more experience in memoQ will be able to confirm that, of if its OK to mix checked and translated statuses without finalizing.


Early this morning, I sent my client the partly translated file with only the translated segments set to "Checked", as I had planned. The client hasn't complained, so I suppose everything worked perfectly for him.


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