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REQ: TM handling after start

 There are two issues:

  • In one of the last projects I used a Project TM instead of a "normal" TM. Now for ever new project a Project TM is being opened, although the entry on the dashboard is not ticked, and it is opened with the language combination of the project where it is used.
  • For this and other erroneously ticked TMs, CT opens the dialog box for TMs. Now I can click on "Cancel", but the TM or the TMs is/are opend anyway in a tab. This is not necessarily logical, and it would be much more convenient (i) to have the TM removed from the project when clicking on "Cancel" (perhaps with the option that this TM is moved to an entry of the submenu Memory > Translation memories > ...) or (ii) same as (i), but to replace the wording "Cancel" with "Remove", to make things clear, or (iii) to have one more button "Remove" to remove the erroneously opened TM from the project (well, if I am guessing right, Igor's eyebrow will have risen with this 3rd option, one button more …).

Probably, you are referring to non-CafeTran project where ProjectTM is open if it exits in the same folder as such a non-native project. Just remove the ProjectTM.tmx from that folder.

Normally, the TM options dialog does not open when you load the memory automatically with the project. It does open, if CafeTran detects language pair mismatch between project and TM to let you match the languages. 

> It does open, if CafeTran detects language pair mismatch between project and TM to let you match the languages.

This is fairly okay, but in most cases this is a false friend – you might want to remove the TM, not to adapt the TM languages. And when you press Cancel, the TM is not removed frrom the project. That's the point.

There might be the more unusual, but indeed possible scenario that you need a EN-PL TM in a FR-P'L project (maybe as kind of reference for the PL text), and then you might press cancel to leave the language settings of the TM unchanged. But even then you can also on OK with unchanged settings, this has the same effects as clicking on Cancel (hasn't it?).

Although I prefer to have it short, "Remove from project" would be a better naming than "Remove".

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