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Filter "Segments with no letters" – bug or feature?

 This is what the filter "Segments with no letters" (shouldn't it be "without letters"? native anyone?) found yesterday.


For me this is absolutely fine (> is HTML encoding of ">"), maybe some rookie else might complain or suspect that this is the base of some other error.

It could perhaps also be helpful to replace the menu commands "Segments with ..." by simply "With ..." (e.g. "With font color") or even shorter ("Font color", "Notes"), just to make the menu interface cleaner and more concise. This would speed up the clicking in the menus, as the single commands are easier to distinguish. Another, but IMHO not so nice alternativce would be an unclickable row "Segments ..." with the following shortened commands ("With notes" etc.)

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I don't see an issue here. The caught  html symbol for > belongs to "No letters" category.

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