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Glitches in "Export as package"

When exporting a file as package, the Cancel button is missing or (perhaps preferred) the "Save as package" dialog should not open when I clicked the small X (or red dot on Mac) to make this dialog field close (because I forgot something or I simply do not want to export as package yet). A rare case, but a case.

One funny thing: By accident I discovered that CT does strange things when doing "Export as package" on sdlxliff or mqxliff files: it creates superbig zip files with chunks of source files (wherever they are pulled from, quite hilarious; in one case, the "packaged" sdlxliff zipped the package file it was from ...). I would perhaps expect to have the command greyed out then or (preferred) to creater simple, cute zip files with the sdlxliff or mqxliff file in it (in the sense of "avoid confusion and keep it simple").

When you translate standalone manually extracted sdlxliff files (not the whole packages such as .sdlppx) or other extracted files from other translation tools, CTE gives you the possibity the create a zipped folder with such standalone files. It zips the folder containing the external files so please make sure that you don't have other files in that folder. This is a feature not a glitch.

Nice to know, pls document this. And don't forget the 1st point.


First poinr aolved: Export as package now with Cancel-Button. Thx.


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