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MyMemory always blank


I have my API parameter inserted but with or without it, MyMemory no longer works, always showing no results

It has been reported that MyMemory does not play well with the option Mask non-translatable fragments found in Preferences > MT services. Try unchecking it.

Also, I think you don't need to specify "de=", just your email.

I can report it works fine for me (different language pair) with the latest CafeTran Espresso version,  on GNU/Linux.

Jean: I think you don't need to specify "de="

I use it, because Translated told me to, back in 2013. It increases the number of requests a day to 1,000 (I think that has changed since then, but it's still more than enough for a freelance translator). See:

I'm afraid it has nothing to do with the problem Miriam is facing, though. I just checked, and MyMemory works fine here. On a Mac, High Sierra 10.13.4.


MyMemory Machine Translation is an Internet MT service which CafeTran just connects to. If it doesn't show the translation result, it means either they do not have the machine translation for your segment or you reached some daily limit in that MT service, or they have some other unknown issues. 

The latest updates of CafeTran have a nice browser interface to other Web  MT services (DeepL, Google Translate and Microsoft Translator) which you can use in case of one of them becomes unavailable. See the Translate button in the source segment toolbar to send the current source segment to the web MT service. Use ALT+V shortcut to transfer the web MT translation to the target segment.


Also, please check this video:

Yes, I have been using DeepL and appreciate that new feature. ALT+V (I'm on Mac) doesn't work to trasnfer, though. The MyMemory seems to have to do with the length of my segments. If I break the segments to around under ten words it does return results. This problem has emerged only in the last few months.    

> ALT+V (I'm on Mac) doesn't work to trasnfer, though

On Mac, it's CTRL+ALT+V (see it in the Translate menu).

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