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REQ: Show more than only the exact match

When checking (or handling) exact matches, it is rather annoying that other matches are not shown.

Example segments:

Process is stopped and checked.

Process is stopped & checked.

Process is stopped, then checked.

Assuming that the words „stopped“ and „checked“ might have several or project-specific translations (or perhaps I simpy want to assure a kind of concordance), it is annoying that CT is not showing any fuzzy matrch if the segment has been confirmed before.

I second that.

And fragment matches, too.

The option to show/hide fuzzy and fragment matches when there is an exact match in the same memory, is welcome and would serve both types of users: those who are working on somewhat powerless PCs and prefer lighter loads, and those who want to get an at-a-glance list of everything that may be useful.



The argument of performance is not really valid or at least weak, as all other involved TMs (I usually do not use more than 3 – mine, Total Recall and eventually a client's TM, with the last two read-only) and glossaries (of course) keep showing their matches.


There would be 2 solutions for slow computers:

  • to invent and code a "Power save" mode, where e.g. this could be part of the default setting (although see my argument above) and some other tweaks make CT run smoother
  • (much easier) to document a kind of How-to with all the settings that make CT much faster, but perhaps with some inconveniences (I assume there is an important part of the user community with slow machines)

Actually, there is one such document:

Running CafeTran in the Battery Mode -

Since it is explains steps to lower CT's processing load, it can also be used on slow computers.

This option has been added in the update 5. Generally, stopping the search when the exact match for the whole segment is found saves time, processing power and avoids listing of tens of lower quality matches. Turn the greedy (optimal) exact matching off only if you know you really need it. 

Thank you!


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