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Suggestions: Simultaneous web search (Resources) + Terms consistency check (Glossary)

Hi Igor. I have two suggestions for a future update:

The first is that all web resources, namely those added by the user, be included in the simultaneous web search. From my used resources, this is only working for Linguee, Proz terms and Google translate. I'd like it to work for pages I have added manually, like the IATE database, Reverso Context, Microsoft Search Terminology, even Google. Is this feasible?

Second suggestion: when I run a terms consistency check, all my open glossaries are automatically "used". Is it possible to choose which glossary to use? I usually work with a glossary for the specific project AND a large general glossary, so in my final terms consistency check I'd like to just use the specific project glossary. You have this feature activated for the Translation conformity check already, so I guess it's possible for the terms consistency check too?


A third suggestion/request would be a feature to select ALL segments in a translation and export ALL to the memory (or to the total recall), instead of having to use the "Add segment to memory" button for every single segment, which is not feasible for long translations.

I guess this is possible since you already have TMX memory and Filter menus, which execute several commands for all segments at a time.

This is relevant because:

1) I often use the Find/replace option to change words to ensure consistency throughout the text. For long documents, it would be nice if those general text changes would be stored in the memory without having to save each segment individually;

2) I sometimes get projects sent back to me after a reviewer has made changes. Again, here it would be nice to save full projects directly to a memory rather than each individual segment, so as to have an updated memory for a client rather than our old, outdated version of the file.


Hello Luisa,

I know you are addressing these suggestions to Igor and I guess he will chime in soon (probably on Monday), so just trying to be helpful here.

- 1st: Simultaneous web research seems to work as advertised here. Do you have the latest CafeTran update installed? When this option is enabled (Resources > Simultaneous web search), all the open WEB resources are queried. This includes MT engines opened via their web interface (such as Google Translate or DeepL), as well as manually added resources (such as Reverso Context, IATE). Depending on the Internet connection and on the number of resources queried, some can take longer to load. This works when you use the Resources Default Scope (make sure this is selected when you go to Ctrl or Cmd + F).

Also, when I want to query simultaneously TMs, glossaries and MT engines on the selected source word, words or phrase (both those using the web interface and those entered in Preferences > MT services), I use the Translate button (or Alt+Enter keyboard shortcut).

Should the above not work as described, then I guess this will require Igor’s attention.

Hi Jan,

thanks for the reply. It's really great to read the opinions/suggestions of other CafeTran users!

I've just tried Reverso Context and IATE again, but nope, doesn't work. Does that work for you, have you tried it? Maybe I have something misconfigured, but I don't think so...

Thanks for the "translate" button suggestion, good to know!


Hello Luisa,


Yes, I confirm that I've tried and it works for me! Let's wait what Igor will say.

For the other suggestions:


- 2nd: If you wish to keep a specific glossary out of the Term consistency check, just right click inside it and uncheck the last option (Terms consistency check). You may have to apply this each time you open a project though.

- 3rd: Unless mistaken, this is already possible. You can do this in two ways:

- Memory > Import > Import segments from project. You get to choose which Memory to save the project segments to. For this to work as intended, you probably have to use the “Keep newer duplicates” TM option (right click inside the TM).

- Project > Export > Export to TMX. This creates a NEW memory from all segments within a project (especially if no Filtering is active, and documents are Glued).

You can also perform Find and Replace operations simultaneously to the project and the memory segments. For this, bring the (Advanced) Search window (Ctrl or Cmd + F), and on the right, select Memory target segments, and check the box Include project segments at the bottom. Remember to reset the Default scope when done.


Thanks so much Jean! (sorry about having misspelled your name before) I'm really happy about that glossary suggestion.

Could you please attach your "web resource info" for Context Reverso and IATE? I have just noticed there is an option to import the "web resource info" of another user. Maybe this way I can understand if there's something wrong with my configurations, or if maybe it's a question of language pair.


I'm attaching the Reverso Context and IATE .res files I use for the EN>FR language pair.

The important thing to remember is that the field "Internet address" is used if you want CafeTran to open that web page at the specified address. This allows you to conduct web searches by typing FROM WITHIN the web page itself. (in that case, to prevent text to be copied to the Target segment editors, you need to press the Ctrl key [or Cmd for Mac?]).

If you wish to query a web resource via CafeTran's interface (the Quick search bar, or the Search Window) and include it in the simultaneous web search results, you'll need to use the "Address start" and (depending on the web resource) the "Address end" fields.

Of course, you can combine both approaches: in that case, set the "Internet address" AND the "Address start/end".

This is what I use for the Reverso Context .res file I am attaching.

It specifies the URL both at "Internet address" and "Address start". No address end needed.

For IATE, you need to set both "Address start" and "Address end".

To find out the exact URL to use for various resources per language pair, you can check the IntelliWebSearch search database. My .res settings (for all IATE domains) are slightly different that those found there.

You can also check the explanations and suggestions in the reference file "Menu and Interface" about how to Add/Edit web resource.

Hope it helps!

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I'm floored. I cannot thank you enough.

Thanks so much for that Intelliwebsearch link, it's amazing. Finally a list with all language resources.

Thank you for the link to that CafeTran user manual, I've been looking for something like that for a long time. Are you also behind CafeTran or just a very active user?

As for resources, indeed my mistake was not using the address start option. Thank you again. Hopefully your indications will be useful to other users passing by as well.

Hello Luisa,

Really glad to hear you've been able to sort everything out.

I'm just an active CafeTranslator :-) 

Also behind the CTE reference files found here:

Any feedback is welcome. In fact, much of the content has been collected from forum posts and discussions!


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