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View>Colors: Implement color change by HEX value


In View>Colors submenu, the "color name" (featuring the HEX value) seems currently there for information purposes only. When you change color in the color wheel or enter different values in the RBG fields, it changes too, showing the corresponding HEX name.

A practical way of changing and reusing colors would be to allow color settings to be set straight from the "color name" field.

In short: If you change the colors via the wheel or the RGB settings, continue to show the new "color name", but make this field actively used for setting colors.

This way, one has just to copy or remember the HEX value to set colors, making color tweaking easier. 

What do you think?


Hi Jean,

The color chooser is different under each Look and Feel. With Mac and GTK look and feel, it is emulates or accesses the OS color chooser.  Swing or Metal LAF have the Java color chooser. This functionality is provided by the internal Java libraries and I don't think it can be changed.

Hello Igor,

Thank you for this information, I did not know that the color chooser differs according to the OS and the look and feel theme.

Colors are not being changed very often, so that's fine as it is, although slightly less convenient.

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