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REQ: Recognition of terms with apostrophes?

About 3 months ago, we had a discussion here, with no result  To keep it short:

  • Terms with one behind a straight apostrophe are sometimes recognized*
  • Terms with several words behind a straight apostrophe are not recognized
  • Terms with one word behind a curly apostrophe are not recognized
  • Terms with several words behind a curly apostrophe are not recognized

*You need to install the source language spell checker and the word must be inside the dictionary.

Up to now there were no really suitable workarounds presented. Is there any kind of hope that this very basic point will function in the very near future?

Just as predicted above, Pest or Cholera with this "workaround". The segments should read "35 ml d'huile" and "-niveau d'huile". Is this deemed as acceptable?


> Is this deemed as acceptable?

Are you asking a developer (he doesn't know the answer) or the person who posted this workaround? Or is this a rhetorical question? 

Indeed this only a rhetorical question. I think the question to find any solution to this should be in the foreground.


Addendum: When using the solution above, any term with an "l" is no more recognized ...


Pray the Lord: the newest update resolves this issue. Thanks, Igor.


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Hi all, I am having the same issue, with a French source text. I use a glossary containing the term "au moins une", and in the source sentence, "...pourvu d’au moins une ...", the term is not recognized. Tre, you mentioned that the issue is resolved, but does it require any special setting for it to work? I have all possible flavors of semicolons in the "Do not match" field, but does this actually help or does this only apply to translation memories? I am still new to cafetran and feeling a little lost at the moment... Thanks in advance for any help.

I mean apostrophes, not semicolons, of course! :D

I do not remember exactly, but the issue is about deleting the apostrophe, not adding it. If I remember correctly, with a later update this was not necessary any more.

It must be an apostrophe (straight and/or curly). Some OCR software use even an accent: "pourvu d`au moins une" ...

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