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Future of the matchboard

We very often discuss questions of how overloaded or how lean the GUI should be.

However asctually the matchboard is promoted, so I ask whether the matchboard could not replace most of the tabs, just to unload the GUI.

  • all TMs are visible
  • all glossaries are visible
  • AA is visible
  • MT is visible
  • all TMs can be edited

But what is missing yet?

  • glossary entries cannot be edited
  • there is no number system to enter matches with the keyboard /this does not even really work witrh tabs, indeed)
  • no really good sort options (eg. AA, TMs, MT, glossaries)
  • not really compact view of the fuzzies

Imagine a kind of option to open a TM optionally only in the matchboard/in the tab/ in the tab and in the matchboard? Wouldn't that unclutter the GUI and wouldn't less tabs lead to more clarity?

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